Want to get straight, even teeth without wearing metal braces? Michael Gradeless, DDS offers the subtle solution for teeth alignment.

Our clear teeth aligners are the modern alternative to a mouthful of metal. Comfortable and virtually invisible, they’ve helped many teenagers and adults discreetly achieve the smile they’ve always wanted. Contact us at (317) 841-3130 to schedule an appointment at our Fishers dentist office. We serve clients in Carmel, Noblesville, Indianapolis and the surrounding areas of Indiana.

Aligners are Not Clear Braces

We offer clear teeth aligners, which are plastic casings that fit around the teeth. Patients receive a new aligner every few weeks, and each phase gently shifts the teeth one step closer to perfect alignment. The aligners easily slide in and out so you can eat sticky foods and brush your teeth normally. Most of our patients have perfect teeth in just 6–18 months.

Say goodbye to highly noticeable metal brackets, and join the ranks of those who have chosen invisible teeth aligners.

Questions about Teeth Alignment

Do I have to change my diet if I get clear teeth aligners?

No. One of the best parts about the aligners is that you can quickly remove them during mealtime and enjoy your normal diet — even the sticky or chewy foods.

Can I use aligners if I’ve had braces in the past?

Absolutely. Teeth can shift over time, and many adults find our invisible aligners quickly move teeth back to their proper places.

For more information, don’t hesitate to read our frequently asked questions.

Want a picture-perfect smile? Gradeless Dentistry is here to help. Contact Gradeless Dentistry at (317) 841-3130 for a consultation today. In addition to aligners, we also offer dental exams, root canal treatment, tooth replacements, and several cosmetic dentistry procedures including veneers and tooth-colored dental crowns. We look forward to transforming your smile.