Have you chipped a tooth, experienced frequent toothaches, or noticed increased sensitivity to hot or cold beverages? If so, a dental crown could be the solution.

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The Purpose of a Tooth Crown

Cavities, oral injuries, and general wear and tear all take their toll on teeth. If one becomes too weak or vulnerable, we can strengthen it by putting a crown on the tooth. The crown covers the entire tooth, protecting it from bacteria and further decay.

Crowns can also improve a tooth’s appearance. Many cosmetic dentists use teeth crowns to rebuild a broken tooth or to construct a dental bridge (a solution for missing teeth).

Dr. Gradeless makes getting teeth caps simple and easy. It’s just a two-appointment procedure. Why wait? Contact us at (317) 841-3130 today to restore your hurting tooth.

Tooth Crown Questions

What’s the difference between a filling and a crown?

A filling builds up the areas of a tooth that have eroded or chipped due to tiny cavities or fractures. A tooth crown encapsulates the entire tooth. This total coverage provides extra strength and protection for teeth that have experienced more serious decay, multiple cavities, or greater trauma.

Is there a way to prevent needing a crown?

Brushing and flossing regularly and scheduling regular teeth cleanings are the best ways to protect teeth from cavities and decay.

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