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Back to School Teeth Cleaning

If your child has not been to the dentist recently, now may be the perfect time to schedule an appointment. As summer break comes to an end, making sure your child is free of dental issues and goes back to ...
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When Should I See the Dentist

Cleanings and exams are crucial to keeping your mouth healthy. Besides these six-month checkups, are there any other times you should visit your dentist? Dry Mouth Does your mouth continuously feel dry? Saliva helps fight cavity-causing bacteria in our mouth. ...
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Do You Know What Dental Plaque Is?

Although dental plaque forms on our teeth each day, if it is not cleaned it can lead to some major issues. Learn more about dental plaque and how to keep a healthy mouth below. Did you know that plaque forms ...
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How Does Soda Affect Our Teeth?

It’s no secret that soda is bad for your health. Besides an increased risk of obesity and diabetes, soda is one of the leading causes of tooth decay. Soda is harmful to our teeth due to a couple of things. ...
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Tooth Sensitivity: The Common Causes

In our last blog, we explored tooth sensitivity and started to address what can cause sensitive teeth. Below, Dr. Gradeless discusses some common causes of tooth sensitivity. Uneven Bite – When your teeth are hitting each other too soon or ...
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What is Tooth Sensitivity?

Do you suffer from tooth sensitivity? If so, you are not alone. Almost 40 million adults in the United States deal with sensitive teeth. The sensitivity of a tooth can range from almost no real discomfort to extreme sensitivity. The ...
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