Do you suffer from tooth sensitivity? If so, you are not alone.

Almost 40 million adults in the United States deal with sensitive teeth. The sensitivity of a tooth can range from almost no real discomfort to extreme sensitivity. The tooth may become sensitive at different times as well.

The sensitivity can be brought on by a number of things including hot or cold drinks and certain foods, such as sweets. If you do notice any sensitivity when you eat or drink, be sure to consult with your dentist. Having sensitive teeth may be an indication of a dental health issue. Depending on what is causing your sensitivity, the treatment options may vary.

Your teeth can become sensitive for different reasons such as dental trauma or dental diseases. In part 2 of our blog series on sensitive teeth, we will discuss what some of the common causes of sensitivity are.

If you notice any pain or sensitivity in your mouth, be sure to schedule an appointment with Dr. Gradeless in Fishers, IN.