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Patient Experience

Patient Experience

Your First Visit

Our goal as a practice is to make sure you’re comfortable and that your teeth are as healthy as possible.
When patients visit the office for the first time, they will meet Dr. Gradeless in a bright and welcoming conference room, rather than the examination room. During this time, Dr. Gradeless will interview the patient in order to really get to know them and understand their needs before the dental work begins. He’ll take time to describe the experience the patient can expect in his office and outline the procedures and services available to each specific patient. When it comes to being involved with his patients and their experiences, Dr. Gradeless is not your typical dentist. He goes above and beyond to ensure his patients’ comfort and confidence in his care. Patients will never feel like they are being upsold for services they don’t need, and because of Dr. Gradeless’ emphasis on continued education, they will always be offered the latest in dental care. To stay on top of the newest technology, Dr. Gradeless has logged over 100 hours of continuing education in just one year, while most dentists average about 20. By confidently identifying the best treatment for each patient and getting to know them on a personal level, Dr. Gradeless creates a comfortable environment in a situation that can otherwise be a source of great stress for many patients. To meet our patients’ needs, we offer a wide range of dental care services from regular teeth cleanings to dental implants.


Dental Exams
Dr. Gradeless practices preventative dentistry by not only ensuring each patient is adequately educated to practice complete dental hygiene at home, but also helping them maintain healthy teeth and gums with regular dental hygiene visits.


Dental Implants
This is advanced dental technology at its finest. Dental implants replace missing teeth with an unmatched resemblance to natural teeth. Our team will guide you through this procedure and ensure you are well cared for each step of the way.


Tooth Replacements
Restorative dental treatments can replace missing teeth and have been done for many decades. However, there are still advancements in dental restorations that Dr. Gradeless is happy to tell you about should you be interested in this procedure.


Root Canal Surgery and Treatment
There are options when it comes to replacing missing teeth with dentures, which is a good thing when it comes to improving your smile. Dr. Gradeless will meet with you to discuss the best denture solution to meet your specific wants and needs.



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