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Dental Cleanings in Fishers

Practicing good dental hygiene will not only keep your mouth healthy, but it will also benefit your whole body. The health of your mouth and gums is directly connected to your overall health, so it’s important to schedule regular cleanings with your dental team. Without proper dental maintenance, you run the risk of bacteria going from your mouth into your bloodstream, which can cause long-term harm. Dr. Gradeless, a preventative dentist in Fishers, practices preventative dentistry by not only ensuring each patient is adequately educated to practice complete dental hygiene at home, but also helping them maintain healthy teeth and gums with regular dental hygiene visits.

What does it mean to have good dental hygiene?

Broadly, dental hygiene consists of keeping your mouth clean to prevent plaque and tartar build-up.

Why is plaque build-up bad?

Plaque can cause gingivitis, cavities, and periodontal disease, which can lead to mouth pain or sensitivity, tooth loss, gum recession, and more. It can also contribute to serious conditions that impact your total body health.

How can I get rid of plaque and keep it from building up?

Regular brushing (twice a day) and flossing (once a day) can help keep your mouth clean in between your semiannual dental hygiene cleanings.

What is a dental hygiene cleaning?

During a dental hygiene cleaning, Dr. Gradeless and his team will clean stains, floss, and polish your teeth, and remove dental plaque and tartar build-up.

Why should I get them?

Not only will Dr. Gradeless or the hygienist check for cavities and clean your teeth, but they will also be on the lookout for signs of oral cancer and gum disease.

How are problems detected below the surface?

Hygiene exams typically include X-rays, which allow our team to examine your teeth and jawbone, allowing us to check for dental issues in areas not visible to the naked eye.

How often should I visit my dental office for a hygiene cleaning?

Having a cleaning every six months is essential for the maintenance of healthy teeth and gums. It’s important to detect any problems early so we can get ahead of them and identify a solution early.

What should I expect during the cleaning?

Dr. Gradeless or another member of our team will remove plaque and tartar build-up, thoroughly clean and polish your teeth, and check for cavities and signs of gum disease. Once your teeth are polished, we will take a look at your X-rays with Dr. Gradeless to ensure there are no warning signs of damage or any other dental concerns.

What if something doesn’t look right?

Our team will take action right away to establish a treatment plan that works for you. It could be anything from personalized tips for your at-home dental routine to scheduling a follow-up treatment to take care of a dental concern.


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