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Digital X-rays

An essential part of dental care, X-rays help our team look beyond the surface of the teeth. They help Dr. Gradeless and our team identify problem areas and diagnose potential oral care issues early on.

What is an X-ray?

An electromagnetic wave of high energy and a very short wavelength that can pass through soft tissues, like the cheek, and is absorbed by dense tissue, like teeth and bone. This creates a digital image we can show our patients to see what is going on beneath the surface of your teeth.

What kind of X-rays will Dr. Gradeless take?

“Intraoral” and “extraoral” X-rays help us examine your teeth and jaw. Intraoral X-rays are taken inside the mouth, while extraoral X-rays are taken outside of the mouth.

Which kind is more common?

Intraoral X-rays tend to be more common in our office and others. They give a high level of detail of the tooth, bone and supporting tissues of the mouth.

What will the X-rays help Dr. Gradeless do?

Your X-rays will help our team find cavities, examine the roots of your teeth, make sure the bony area around your teeth is healthy, catch signs of periodontal disease, and check on the progress of developing teeth.


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