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Dental Bridges

A bridge is a method of replacing one or more missing teeth, and can be secured either by natural teeth, dental implants, or a combination of the two. A bridge is traditionally made by identifying a gap in the teeth, and then creating a crown for the existing teeth on either side of the gap. The gap is then filled with a replacement tooth and secured by the crowns on either side.

What are bridges made out of?

Bridges are typically made of porcelain fused to metal (PFM) or ceramics.

Are there multiple kinds of bridges?

Yes, depending on the state of the teeth that surround the gap and where the missing tooth is located, different methods will be used to secure the bridge. A cantilever bridge, for example, is secured by one or more dental crowns on only one side of the gap. A Maryland bonded bridge, on the other hand, has a metal framework with “wings” that are bonded to the back of your existing teeth. Traditionally, bridges are held in place by a crown on either side of the missing tooth. Or, your bridge may be supported by dental implants.

What are the benefits of a bridge?

Bridges fill gaps where you have missing teeth, and they can also prevent other teeth from shifting. If a gap is left in the jaw, teeth will naturally move to fill in the gap, which could end up negatively affecting your bite.


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