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Preventative Dentistry

This is the basis of our care for you, preventative dentistry involves treatment to avoid cavities, prevent gum disease, limit enamel wear, and more, with the goal of keeping your mouth and gums healthy over your lifetime.
dental hygiene
Dental Hygiene

Prophylaxis, or dental cleanings, are a vital step in maintaining the health of your teeth and mouth. Our Dental Hygiene team will clean your teeth and help you continue healthy practices at home for whole mouth health.

Tooth-Colored Fillings
When dental decay needs to be repaired, Dr. Gradeless will use material that is not only strong and durable but will match the color of your teeth. The result is added strength without compromising the beauty of your natural smile.
Digital X-Rays
Digital X-rays
Gradeless Dental is pleased to use digital X-rays, when needed, for a thorough, efficient, and complete assessment of your mouth. Not only does this technology enhance treatment, but it requires far less radiation than traditional X-rays.
For some people, no matter how much they do everything right, they experience dental decay more frequently. This preventive dental treatment is incredibly successful in decreasing the occurrence of cavities.


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